Welcome to AntzModz, South Africa’s premium custom mod builder.

We specialise in custom hand built modz. Each individually built, custom mod has been personally designed and built by Big Ant himself. Big Ant is the Vapecon South Africa 2015 coil master and has spent the last year designing the AntzModz concept which has now come to fruition. Big Ant has fast become one of the go to guys in the South African vaping community for the building, repair and development of custom modz. At AntzModz, we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver quality modz which can be customised to each individuals specific taste. Our Modz are made of aircraft grade milled 6061 aluminium enclosures which are light weight, durable and of the highest quality. The ability to choose your own colours and custom configuration makes AntzModz the first truly customisable mod of its kind. Currently there are 78 750 variations available to you for the customization of your Mod.

Kindly note, that our modz are designed for experienced vapers who have the technical knowhow surrounding coil building, used in conjunction with proper battery safety and the limitations thereof.

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